A Quick Thought about Twitter

No, Twitter is not ruining America or American politics — just the opposite, in fact

I found the above article about Twitter very interesting because I am relatively new to Twitter. I’m not at all opposed to social media, but I was resisting Twitter for some time, and I’ve even encountered others who feel the same way.  I think, in my case at least, I was not happy with the tiny character limit that Twitter is known for. When I really start thinking about a topic, I usually need more room to put my thoughts into words.

This article talks about how a reporter from The Atlantic Wire wrote that Twitter is “ruining American Politics” by allowing politicians to exist in a forum where they only encounter their supporters and bypass journalists completely.

The author of this article, Mathew Ingram, disagrees – and I do as well.  Through social media, political candidates can talk directly to the public.  Yes, it’s true that only their supporters will be following them on Twitter – but many Tweets make the news even if you are not following that person.  This kind of communication cuts out the middle-man – so to speak – the press.   So naturally the members of the press are going to complain about it.

A CNN reporter is quoted as saying that it’s the press’ “ ‘independent perspective’ that is essential for a democracy.”  The press may have served that important purpose at one time, but more and more lately I am discourage to see that they don’t serve that purpose anymore!  The press really gets on my nerves with how unfairly they report some things.  So, in that case, if social media like Twitter give the public an alternative way of hearing from candidates then I think that is a big plus.  I also agree that while social media demands transparency, that can be a very good thing – especially in the political arena.

If Twitter is helping to give the public a new way of hearing from politicians, then I am even happier that I am now a member of that forum.


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