Blueline for Blue Bloods

Blueline is a free social media networking site aimed exclusively at law enforcement that was launched this month.  It was developed by Bill Bratton, a retired LAPD officer who has now started his own technology company.

This idea of having a Facebook-like application for cops is very interesting. The article says that Blueline offers video conferencing, professional directories, groups and instant messaging and other ways for cops to connect and share “cop culture.”

Bratton says that his goal throughout his career has always been to improve collaboration in law enforcement.  This made me think of our class discussions on all the benefits that having a KMS can bring to corporations.   Co-creating and collaboration improves job satisfaction and makes the work more efficient and uniform.  No pun intended : )

Likewise, we have also talked about the downside – how companies fail when attempting to change the corporate culture in a big way.  Bratton says that in his experience “cops tend to be very secretive.”    As a result, he has taken steps to ensure privacy through use of encryption and an authentication process to ensure that only active offices are allowed access.  But, still, I imagine they will need the same kind of incentives plan that we’ve talked about companies using – ways to ease reluctant users into it.  If Blueline is viewed with apprehension by cops it will not reach it’s potential.  And I think it does have great potential to make Law Enforcement the Blue version of Sun Microsystems.


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