Day (and Night) Dream Believer

I have often been interested in dream work, going so far as to write some dreams down in a journal when I wake.  It’s interesting to try and figure out what the dream is trying to tell you.

This article describes a device called REMEE – a sleep mask that is designed to alert the dreamer that she is actually dreaming by flashing lights during REM sleep. (REM is the time in the sleep cycle when you are most likely to dream) When you know that you are dreaming, it is called a lucid dream.  Achieving lucidity in your dreams is a goal because greater control of what is happening in dreams can lead to greater understanding of the dreamer’s mind.

It says in the article that Paul McCarthy has said that he composed the hit “Yesterday” in a dream and woke with the melodies fully formed in his mind.  I’ve heard other stories from artists who got an idea for something in a dream that turned out to be some of their best work.

The brain and it’s ability to dream is a “final frontier” of sorts – a world that is still largely a mystery to us – and yet we sense that it holds the keys to greater creativity.  Unlocking our potential for greater creativity would be a wonderful goal for technology, in my opinion.

As we have talked about in class, in the end, it is human creativity, not technology, that will truly determine the future.  I would love to see more technology aimed at unlocking the secrets of human creativity.  This is much more exciting to me than the latest smart phone or the newest app.

This REMEE device has it’s limits, but I think technology along these lines has great potential. Imagine if everyone on earth was truly able to tap into their own unique creative mind.  That’s the world of the future that I would love to see!


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