Fall-ing in Love with TV

Five ways to keep track of your fall TV favorites

I was very interested to read this article about how there are many apps out there now that help you manage your TV viewing.  Recently, I heard a conversation on the morning radio about how TV is better than it’s ever been – even better than the movies that are out there.  While I like some movies, I have always liked TV better because you can follow favorite characters for a longer period of time.  So I am really happy about this trend!

Television programing used to be seen as trivial compared to film. This shift, though, is at least in part due to technology.  DVRs make it much easier to record multiple programs.  It is also much easier to keep track of what you still have to watch. This was not possible with the VCR.  You can also get episodes on-line or on services like Netflixs.  And, worst comes to worst, you can buy the DVDs.  Many people, these days, do not even start watching a series until it is over.  That may have been possible years ago, but only if you could find the reruns somewhere – usually at an odd time or on an odd channel.

Technology has truly changed the way we watch TV.  As a result, maybe networks are taking more time to have better quality programs.  Or maybe people are taking more time to find the good programs that were always around. At any rate, technology then responds to the new trend with apps that further help us to organize our viewing.  As the article says, gone are the days of the TV section “black & white grid” in the newspaper.

I think this is a good example that relates to the “Technological or Media Determinism” that I just read about in our article for Monday’s class.


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