Just One Click


Google is added a new enhancement to Gmail called Quick Actions. As the name implies, users will now be able to respond to e-mail much more quickly – with only a click.  It will not be necessary to even open the e-mail or leave the Gmail site to RSVP to events.  They say that there are no additional privacy risks.

But what strikes me even more than the potential privacy risks is the idea that people seem to always be looking for ways to do things faster – and technology is more than happy to oblige.  As I mentioned in class, I feel that the trend is to lean toward Twitter as a social media platform – yet I don’t really understand why.  I feel the character limit is a bit daunting.  Yet, people commented that Twitter is faster and more accessible than Facebook.

I feel that we as a society can never go fast enough, we are always looking for ways to do things faster, quicker, and with less effort.  But I wonder where all this will eventually lead?  How fast can we possibly go, and is it a good thing to be moving at the speed of light ALL the time?  Is it so wrong to want to stop and think, and maybe take a few extra keystrokes, once in a while?

I really don’t think so.  I think we all need time to stop and smell the roses, and maybe take time to talk to someone, before they put a chip in our brain that makes talking unnecessary.


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