Two (articles) for the Price of One!

I was interested in the above article because it talked about how Facebook and Twitter are trying out new messaging applications to keep up with the changing landscape of social media.

I have noticed that sending a private message on Facebook is different that it used to be.  I was not sure why it changed.  I was also reminded of being on e-Bay recently and noticing that they have changed their site considerably.  One can now create “boards” of items that interest you – such as “boots” or “gardening.”  It struck me that e-Bay is trying to be more like Pinterest.  It seems like every platform out there is trying to be more like every other platform in an effort to attract more users and “stay current.”  I can’t help but wonder where this will lead.  I mean, how many “boards” do I need?  I was happy with my little collection of boards Pinterest because it seemed unique and unlike any other social media site.

But this article got a little complicated for me as it went into a discussion of how messaging apps are becoming the new social media platforms.  I haven’t used a messaging app and was not too sure how they differed from an “old fashioned” text message.  As a result, I then went to this article:

Which talks more about these apps, what they do and why teens are gravitating toward them.  It says that Facebook has announced that it is losing teen users due to the fact that their parents and older adults are present there.

They are looking for more privacy, and these apps are providing that!  This is fascinating because we have talked about the privacy issues concerning Facebook and it seems like an alternative is already catching on.  These messaging apps are more like “mini” social media sites since they do more than just message.  One of them even deletes photos after they are seen – making it safer to send questionable photos to friends and leave no trace on the internet where they could be seen by the wrong people.

This is all very interesting to me.  I’m thinking that if Facebook loses popularity in the same way MySpace did, the social media landscape, and even topics in this class, might look a lot different in the not-too-distant future!


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