What’s a Gen-Xer to Do?


This article talks about how Finland is interested in having computer programing classes for elementary school children.

This made me think of a comment that was made in class a few weeks ago. Someone mentioned how computers are much easier to use now than they were just 10 or 15 years ago.  At the time, I didn’t realize the full extent of that comment.

I now see how there are these platforms that make complicated things, like building a website, very easy for the average person.  Things that used to be thought of as difficult are not anymore.  This means that more and more people are using complicated computer applications, but fewer and fewer people actually know the coding that goes into it.

I think these kids are lucky in that they will be able to learn the computer the “right” way – from the ground up.   That’s great for them.  Kids know how to use the computer so much easier than adults, it seems logical that they will pick up programing with much the same ease of a child learning leaning multiple languages if they are taught from a young age.

This idea is may not be so good for people of my generation.  I feel like I know less and less in spite of the fact that I try to know more and more!

For example, I am happy to have the chance to make my first website, but I wonder about what the long term effects of taking such short cuts will be.  It seems to me it’s a lot like using a calculator to do math.  In a recent math class, I got a much better grade than I ever got in high school math classes.  Why?  Because today students are allowed to use calculators.  When I was in high school, calculators were considered cheating.  I was happy to receive an A in that math class, but my study ethic made me feel like I was somehow cheating the whole time.

So, I don’t know, when I make my own website, will I be cheating?  And will a 10 year old be there to reprimand me if I am caught????   Such is today’s World of Technology! : )


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