Communication is the key to success in so many of life’s challenges, and yet so few people really take the time to learn the basics of how to do it well. I think I’ve always been interested in learning why some people communicate so effectively and others don’t.

I recently completed a Master of Arts in Communications in Public and Organizational Relations. Through that three-year process, I came to see how this field of study was always there in the background of my life.

I started out my college career as an art major, it had always been a dream of mine to be an Illustrator or Graphic Designer, but looking back, I can see that I often took English or communication-related classes as electives.

So, I changed my major to English.  I didn’t just have an eye for design, but a love of books and a passion for the written word that went back almost as far as my love of art did.

When I got my BA in English I thought I’d be very happy working in publishing for the rest of my career. But then I found myself laid off from a publishing job that I had enjoyed very much and I knew that I wanted to get my MA in a field that combined the best of both worlds: design and English. Communication is that field, it’s an art and a science and so much more.

This blog started when several of my graduate classes required weekly blog entries on topics we had discussed in class. I had used a personal blog that I’d created while I was still working for those assignments.

But now I feel that I’d like to keep going with it. So I had to separate the personal blog posts from these professional ones. For that reason, the dates on these entries are incorrect. It may look like they were posted all in the same day, but they really happened over the course of a 3-year program. Going forward, I will continue to post on timely topics in contemporary communication.

I welcome your comments.